City of Woodland

~Settled in 1882~

New High Definition Channel - 808

After years of negotiations and discussion with Mediacom, the Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission is pleased to announce the addition of our first High Definition channel!


It will be channel 808 as found on Mediacom’s HD Local Plus TV tier and we plan on having this channel up and running as of April 1, 2016! We’re very pleased and proud to have our HD channel found alongside other local broadcast stations such as WCCO (804), KSTP (805), KMSP (809) and KARE (811) here in the Lake Area.


Our HD channel 808 will air LMCC Member City government meetings and LMCC Commission meetings in crisp, clear high definition. If you don’t have access to a high definition television set, don’t worry! We will continue to broadcast the same meetings in standard definition on channel 8 on Mediacom’s cable system here in the Lake Area.


There will be a couple of changes to our line up on channels 8 and HD 808 that we would like to make you aware of. The first, is the moving of Mound City Council meetings from channel 8 to channel 20. This is being done until the City of Mound has an opportunity to upgrade their recording capabilities to high definition. As this will not happen in the near future, the move to standard definition channel 20 is necessary. Also, the Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission meetings are already being recorded in high definition and therefore will be moved from channel 20 to channels 8 and HD 808. These channel moves will coincide with the startup of our HD channel 808 and will begin on April 1, 2016.