City of Woodland

~Settled in 1882~

Permits, Applications, Forms, and Licenses

Application for Tree Contractors 

Tree Contractors - Please ensure that the form is complete.   


Dog License

Dog licenses are not required in Woodland.  However, a permit and Council approval are required to keep more than two dogs at one residence.
Applications are available at City Hall.  These permits must be renewed annually.  (City Ordinance 405)
Building Permits
General contractors or homeowners doing their own work must obtain permits before beginning work. NOTE: Before proceeding, property owners should first contact the City's Zoning Coordinator, Dale Cooney at 952-358-9938 or
  • For work in the City of Woodland, pull all permits at the City Hall (Woodland, Deephaven, and Greenwood - all share the same City Hall).
  • Woodland contracts with the City of Minnetonka Inspections Department for all inspections.
To start the permit issuance process, you will need to submit to the City:
  • A completed building permit application
  • Three sets of plans, if plans are required
The permit will be issued after the materials required for permit submittal are deemed complete and the plans have been reviewed for code compliance. 

Building Permits are required for many projects, including, but not limited to:
  • new construction, additions, & alterations
  • decks
  • finished basements
  • pools
  • demolition
  • roofing & siding
  • window replacement  (requiring structural alterations)
Work that is exempt from a permit includes:
  • painting
  • wallpapering
  • flooring
  • kitchen cabinets
  • minor repairs
  • detached storage buildings not exceeding 120 square feet


Does the City inspect the work?

All work is subject to inspection by the city. The number and type of inspections vary depending on the work being done. When the permit is issued, you will receive an inspection record sheet that lists the types of inspection that you will need. It is the owner or contractors’ responsibility to call for an inspection when the work is ready. When you call, please have ready the work site address, the permit number and what kind of inspection you need. The inspections division makes every effort to accommodate requests for specific inspection times, if necessary. Please call 24 hours in advance to schedule an inspection and you will be scheduled with the next available opening.

How much does a building permit cost?

Permit fee have a number of different components. First is the building permit fee. Building permit fees are derived from a sliding scale based on project valuation. Plan review fees are another component. They are charged in addition to the building permit fee for projects other than roofing, siding, window replacement and other minor repairs. The plan review fee is based on 65% of the building permit fee. A third component to the total cost of a building permit is the state surcharge. This is collected at a rate of $.50 per $1,000.


 Building Permit Applications

Attached Document or FileBuilding Permit Application & Packet Additions and New Construction Building Permit Application Packet
Attached Document or FileBuilding Permit Application (Permit and Interior Checklist for Interior Building Work)
Attached Document or FileRoad Damage Escrow (required for construction projects over $20,000)
Attached Document or FileVegetation Alteration Permit (Tree Removal Permit) *also need Data Privacy Form for this permit
Attached Document or FileLand Alteration Permit *Also need Data Privacy Form for this permit.

 Licenses & Registrations

The following forms are REQUIRED prior to issuance of a building permit.